Infusion Pump & Electrosurgical Unit Corporation, Ltd. is a specialized company in developing and manufacturing infusion pumps and electrosurgical units.

All of the Daiwha people, R&D team, planning team and manufacturing team have been dedicated to providing customers with more comfortable and convenient service.

DI-2000/2200 : General Ward, ICU and CCU Infusion Pump The volumetric infusion pump Medifusion DI-2000/2200 can be used for continuous flow rate infusion of fluid drugs in general wards, ICUs or CCUs as well as infusion of anesthetics or anticancer agents. With more compact design, improved safety & able to make own infusion set list by software.

MEDIFUSION DI-4000/ DS-3000 : Infusion pump be used for continuous flow rate infusion of fluid drug and transfusion in ICU or CCU as well as infusion of anesthetic, anticancer agent or nutrient. With any standard IV set without special trying & efforts, the operator can set the pump for the application.

DT-300/400P : It is multi-purpose electrosurgical unit in all operating rooms for applications in general surgery, gynecology, dermatology, endoscopy, vascular surgery, urology and well as for many surgical applications.

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Patient Monitor


201308_Patient Monitor specializes in manufacturing patient monitors for human and veterinary uses and other medical products at its own factory site, supplying these products to countries around the world.

VOTEM was established in 2007 by research personnel with master’s or higher degrees in its related fields of study to create new value in the medical device market.

VOTEM will focus all its efforts on satisfying the needs of its customers through the value innovation. Also, VOTEM is planning to lead the medical industry by carrying out multiple research products and clinical studies, establish and maintain the quality system in accordance with ISO13485 and Medical directive, 93/42/EEC.

Patient Monitor VP-1200, VP-700 : Patient Monitor is essential auxiliary
medical equipment analyzing the various vital signs of patient and showing waveform and numeric types of information to medical doctors or nurses so that they can monitor the condition of patients.

* Main export markets: Central and South America, Middle East, Asia, Europe. Africa
* Prospective markets : South America, Central Asia, West Europe, Africa
* Certifications: International (CE, ISO13485, ANVISA, GHOST), Domestic (KGMP, INNO-BIZ)

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Patient Monitor/D500 Manual Defibrillator


201308_Patient Monitor_Defibrillator one of the fast-growing medical equipment companies in Korea, MEDIANA is engaged in developing and producing advanced medical devices such as patient monitor, AED, Defibrillator, pulse oximeter through consistent R&D endeavors, while spurring on tapping overseas markets.

Furthermore, MEDIANA is aiming to be a global company by providing best solutions for customers around the world through constant technological innovation and diversified product lineup.

Main Products: Patient monitor, Vital sign monitor, Electro cardiograph AED-automated external defibrillator, Fetal monitor/Doppler, Pulse oximeter

MEDIANA’s patient monitor / D500 Manual Defibrillator

MEDIANA’s patient monitor / D500 Manual Defibrillator , is used to deliver electric shock therapy to resuscitate victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

It is one of the most essential devices in places which frequently perform defibrillation like EMS hospitals. It helps medical professionals to accurately assess a patient’s condition for better and quick treatment.

Besides, it has various functions such as advanced biphasic technology, 12 Lead Glasgow Algorithm ECG, AED Mode, Pacing and stores a lot of data with dual battery and data management program.

International Certificates: CE, ISO, KFDA approval

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Dental Restoration Materials


201308_Dental Restoration Materials’s external surface is made by using porcelain which features superior aesthetic quality and its inside is filled with zirconia, which is known as one of the most advanced new dental materials.

Zirconia is a human body-friendly ceramic material that hardly creates oxidation response in the oral cavity. With high transmission rate, the color is very similar to natural teeth. The integrity is verified in allergy tests and plaque is unlikely to form.

In addition to its waterproof quality against saliva, it protects the existing teeth. With outstanding hardness and intensity, it is processed by CAD-CAM.


Made by using 100% zirconia material, ZIMO SMART features higher strength than ZIMO. For this reason, ZIMO SMART is ideal for rear teeth restoration. As ZIMO SMART does not contain porcelain, it is less likely to get broken while chewing food.

Since the foundation, The Dental Solution Inc. has targeted the overseas markets and has also achieved international certifications including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, FDA Proven, CE1023 and TGA, ensuring international standards of manufacture.

With strong commitment to high quality and reliable service, the company nowadays exports to countries such as the USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Dubai, Russia and more.

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Intra Oral Dental Light System, “eBite2”


201308_eBite2 Corp., founded in 1993, invented the first dental water system in the world.

The company focuses on developing and producing dental equipment including its portable oral lighting system, the “eBite series” and dental water systems.

Dentozone’s intraoral dental lighting system “eBite2” provides optimal treatment conditions for a dentist by effectively illuminating the inside of a patient’s mouth with its highquality LED and securing space for treatment with retractor function at the same time.

With a tongue cover, it also allows the dentist to easily carry out a medical examination without concern about a medical accident. It runs without external power supply, so that a dentist can use it when electric dental lighting is not available.

The high-end model provides a real-time suction function as well. The equipment is compatible with computer USB ports. Autoclave sterilization is possible.


- Tongue cover to protect a tongue against medical accidents
– Tongue retraction function to secure space for treatment
– By using its blue LED, dentist can inspect dental plaque with the naked eye.
– Main export markets: the USA, Japan, EU
– China, Russia, and Brazil: markets that the company wants to expand
– Certifications: KGMP registration, CE / FDA / ISO13485 / ISO9001 acquisition
– As the world’s only product, it acquired international PCT and six Korean patent registrations.

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Pressure Ulcer Prevention Cushion & Mattress


201308_SEALTECH in 2000, Sealtech Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of O-ring and sealing solutions for global semiconductor equipment companies such as Samsung Electronics, SK hynix and LG LCD.

Since 2003, the company has started the medical business by launching pressure ulcer prevention cushion and mattress.

Sealtech’s pressure ulcer prevention cushion and mattress have been designated as one of the World-class Korean products recognized by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of the Korean government since 2009.

Currently, about 98% of them are being supplied to industrial disaster hospitals and hold about 30% market share in the domestic market.

Sealtech’s pressure ulcer prevention cushion “EVOSS” consists of 72 air bag lattice structure, which provides excellent air ventilation, thus allowing people to use the cushion at the pleasant condition. Made by using material having a great elongation function, the lattice structure cushion provides outstanding durability.

EVOSS also has antibiotic treatment and silicon coating for sweat and body waste so as to prevent skin troubles. Also, the cushion sheet is made by using nonflammable fiber. Certifications are ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE and GMP.

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Body Composition Analyzer “X-SCAN PLUS II”


201308_X-SCAN PLUS II Medical Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and offering body composition analyzer, blood pressure monitor for hospital, and 30 kinds of other medical products.

The body composition analyzer provides segmental obesity and segmental edema.

- Segmental analysis of both arms, both legs, and trunk is very helpful for diet, exercise, and other purposes.
– Measurement of segmental edema as well as whole body edema with ECF/TBF and ECW/TBW.
– Total measuring time in less than one minute.
– Graphic and voice guidance
– Individual explanation for each result for easy understanding
– 8.4 inch color TFT LCD
– Flexible system set up to reflect changing conditions.
– Unique technology, UHM-101(ultrasonic height meter-optional)
– Wireless Bluetooth communication interface
– Main export markets: EU, USA, Japan, China
– Certifications: KFDA, CE, FDA

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Digital Egg Incubator


201308_Digital Egg Incubator with its own creative technology for coexistence of nature and human beings,” Autoelex has developed and exported digital egg incubators since 1991.

Through constant technological innovation, its incubators have earned a high reputation for exclusive quality and technology.

Currently, the company’s Rcom digital egg Incubator with BT-IT fusion technology, which guarantees the highest hatching rate ever, is being exported to as many as 36 countries around the world, including those in Europe and Asia. Also, it plans to expand its market base in China, the USA, the Middle East and Africa. Autoelex has 10 patents and 16 utility model rights for its incubators.

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Non-contact Infrared Thermometer


201308_Non-contact Infrared Thermometer’s non-contact infrared thermometer measures the temperature of temporal arteritis about 2-3cm away from the forehead in just two seconds without touching the skin.

The thermometer enables people to check the body temperature instantly, easily and accurately without concern about cross contamination, as there is no contact.

In addition, it also supports various modes that allow people to measure object or room temperature as well as the body temperature. It also automatically stores temperature data.

As there is no contact, there is no risk of spreading viruses. What’s more, it has various user-friendly features including convenient AAA battery, automatic shut-off (when not in use for more than one minute), LCD display, On/Off silent measurement and storing 32 latest temperature memories.

HuBDIC Co., Ltd. is a promising healthcare company in Korea that exports its main items including World-class Products Certified (by the Korean government) to more than 30 countries.

The company is engaged in developing and manufacturing infrared thermometers, blood pressure gauges, scale, defibrillators, pulse oximeters, low-frequency therapeutic equipment, walking aid robots, U HEALTH multi-terminals, and so on.

Main export markets are the USA, Japan, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The company has international certifications such as ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, FDA, JPAL, GMP and CMDCAS.

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Portable Butane Gas Cartridge


201308_Portable Butane Gas Cartridge Corporation, the largest butane gas cartridge manufacturer in the world, was established in 1989, equipped with advanced facilities covering everything from printing to gas charging and packing, TAEYANG Corporation has been exporting its gas cartridges to more than 50 countries under its brand name.

The company now dominates around 60% of global market share as well as 70% of domestic market share as of 2012.

- Main Business Area and Products: Portable Butane Gas Cartridge, Lighter Gas, Camping Gas Cartridge, Aerosol Products

Sun Fuel is flagship portable butane gas cartridge that can be used for portable gas stoves and torches.

It is customized to clients’ needs with the best quality. – 220g, 227g, 250g Alps Bombe is camping gas cartridge for camping and mountain climbing, etc. The unique dome type camping canisters are ideally designed for space-saving, stable setting purposes.

The excellent evaporability and high thermal efficiency suits for the alpine cook purpose. – 110g, 230g, 450g Sun Lighter Gas is premium butane gas refill gas cartridge with the same rugged reliability.

Sun Lighter Gas is very well known for its purity. You can experience the best performance of your lighter with ultra refined premium butane gas. – 135g, 165g

- Main export markets: Japan, the USA, Taiwan, Australia
– Certifications: PPM (Korea), JIA (Japan), UL (the USA), TUV (Germany), π mark (EU)

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