Dental Implant Kit

Osstem Implant Co., Ltd. is established in 1997 in Seoul, Korea. It exports all kinds of dental products and services to over 60 countries through its 22 overseas subsidiaries and 42 foreign distributors. Osstem Implant has become the NO.1 dental implant company in the Asia Pacific market and NO.6 in the world in global sales. Osstem’s core business is manufacturing and supplying of dental implants. Osstem has solutions to all types of clinical cases with TS, SS, US, and MS implant systems and developed SA surface to increase osseointegration efficiency. It has many implants’ surfaces such as CA which is for wettability, HA which is for supporting in weaker bone and BA which is for effective osseointegration. Osstem also launched a number of innovative products such as CAS/LAS Kit, ESSET Kit, and 123 Kit to enhance the safeness and user friendliness when performing surgeries. The Korean implant manufacturer developed bone regeneration materials, A-Oss and Q-Oss and ergonomic unit chair as well.

Dental-Implant-Kit TS III, CAS-Kit

TS III applies surface treatment suitable for excellent synosteosis and optimal body design that provides a convenient placement and stability. OSSTEM’s Crestal Approach Sinus Kit (CAS-Kit) is specifically designed to easily and safely lift the membrane in the maxillary sinus from a crestal approach. The key component of the OSSTEM CAS-Kit is the CAS drill. The unique design of the CAS drill enhances convenience and safety of sinus crestal approach operation by easily, safely and quickly lifts the sinus membrane while drilling.

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Personal Thermal Massage Bed

For the past 25 years, Migun Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. has been committed to developing and manufacturing personal thermal massage beds, until it came up with its latest model JH-1000 this year, after launching the world’s first personal thermal massage bed HY-200 in 1988. The pioneer of the personal thermal massage bed has firmly established itself in the global markets, actively exporting to 40 countries including the USA, Russia and China, with international certifications such as FDA approval, CE and ISO13485. Migun’s latest model JH-1000 applies Eastern traditional healing practices, such as Moxibustion and thermotherapy, which help improve immune function and metabolism, ultimately treating sources of disease. In addition, using an air injection method from an aircell, the JH-1000 provides chiropractic therapy, helps nerves in the spines that are squeezed from external stimulus recover and bed relaxed. For electromagnetic interception and emission of far-infrared radiation, the JH-1000 has applied non-magnetic field heating wire, and it is designed to be not affected by moisture. The JH-1000 has nine different automated/manual modes, which help spines and muscles fully recover from fatigue to the normal condition.


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AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

HeartPlus NT-180 is an emergency medical device called AED (Automated External Defibrillator), AED is a compact, portable device that analyzes the heart’s rhythm and delivers a defibrillation shock to SCA patient to re-establish the normal heart rhythm. HeartPlus NT-180 guides the user through each step of the defibrillation process by providing voice/visual prompts. HeartPlus NT-180 of Nanoomtech provides electrode pads that can be used for both adults and children. The all-in-one cartridge features pads that are pre-connected to a battery in one sealed package, with just one expiration date to remember.

Nanoomtech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of medical and electronics devices. Established in 2005 as a medical device importer/exporter and consultancy firm, Nanoomtech has taken the next step towards becoming a world-class medical device manufacturer by dedicating all its capital towards the development of proprietary technologies and product lines. In collaboration with the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Nanoomtech researchers finalized the development of the HeartPlus AED in 2009.


Nanoomtech continues to focuses its energy towards providing excellent customer service and developing products that exceed the expectations of distributors and end users.

Future products such as HeartPlus II AED and the Bone-Pro DXA (bone mineral densitometry system), will continue the tradition of providing customers with high quality solutions at an affordable cost.

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High Frequency Ventilator “MV2000 SU:M3”

Since 1998, MEKICS Co., Ltd. has manufactured intensive care systems such as its medical ventilator, patient monitoring system, pulse oximeter and bio-signal modules. The company is expanding its business area in the ICU field, including anesthesia workstation, respiratory care systems, etc. Of special note, it has a total solution for respiratory care with full range of ventilators such as high frequency ventilator (HFV), conventional ventilator, low ICU ventilator, transport ventilator, homecare ventilator, high flow therapy (HFT) and CPAP & BIPAP.

High-Frequency-Ventilator The MV2000 SU:M3 has a special feature High Frequency Ventilator. This intelligent HFV mode can support not only an infant and neonate patient, but adult patients, too. Also, it is effective in treatment for patients of pneumothorax of interstitial lung, pneumonia, refractory hypoxemia, sepsis, suffocation, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and chronic obstructive disease (COPD). The HFV technology of the MEKICS product will provide an outstanding ventilation solution that assures a combination of: low maintenance cost, ease of use, multiple function, and clinical benefits.

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Automatic Double Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Jawon Medical was established under the motto of ‘Makes its way from hospital to home’ and has contributed to “customer’s health and maintenance of affluent lives” by manufacturing and offering body composition analyzer, blood pressure monitor for hospital, and 30 kinds of other medical products. For preventive medicine that enables one to live a healthy life for a long time (High Quality and Long Life) not cure medicine that cures people after onset of illness.

Automatic-Double-Arm-Blood-Pressure-Monitor It is recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) that if the difference between the two arms is more than 20mmHg for systolic blood pressure or 10mmHg for diastolic blood pressure, the patient should consult with a doctor.

Base on this recommendation, Jawon Medical Co., Ltd. has developed the world’s first Automatic Double Arm Blood Pressure Monitor EX PLUS 1300 which allows the user to see the inter arm blood pressure difference. From placing the cuff over the left arm and right arm, to pressurizing and measuring both arms, everything works simultaneously and fully automatics.

Main export markets: EU, the USA, Japan, China Certifications: KFDA, CE
Patent applied (Korea/ EU/ Japan/ the USA): Two-arm blood pressure measurement apparatus for automatically measuring two-arm blood pressures at the same time. (No. 10-1222691)

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Cellulite Treatment Equipment “VINUSHAPE”

Daeyang Medical Co., Ltd., founded in 1970, is engaged in both in the medical and in the beauty fields. The company is equipped with professionally qualified manpower and hightech machinery and modern devices. It produces and sells a complete range of products and accessories. The company also designs, produces and sells according to the quality systems certified KGMP and ISO13485, always trying to give customers the best satisfaction by supplying machines with excellent quality.

VINUSHAPE Daeyang Medical is an expert manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment and machinery which has been operated for over 40 years owing to the customer’s enthusiastic support. It creates four divisions with the aim of concentrating on all the resources in the different activities of each division – aesthetic equipment; physiotherapy equipment; OEM & ODM and R&D.

VINUSHAPE: The revolutionary cellulite treatment has multipolar RF, dynamic vacuum, LED and ultracavitation. It has smooth and powerful vibration effects by super pulse suction system to reduce cellulite and reshape body. Daeyang exports to more than 50 countries all around the world, there especially are many distributers in the Middle East, Europe, and the company wants to expand the business into the emerging markets like BRICS.

Certifications: CE, KGMP, CAMCAS, KFDA, etc. Obtained ISO9001/13485

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Leopard™ Surgical Power Tool Founded in 2004, IMEDICOM CO., LTD. is a medical equipment company specializing in kyphoplasty, epidural catheter, power tools and saw blade. With certifications such as FDA 510(K), CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, it has kept developing the technique products of the best quality for our customers and human beings since 2004. Now IMEDICOM CO., LTD. supplies kyphoplasty system, epidural catheter and orthopedic surgical power system with saw blades worldwide.

LeopardTM-Surgical-Power-Tool The Main Features of Leopard™ surgical power tool
– Intended for joint replacement surgery
– Operated by pneumatic power system
– Ergonomic design, reliable quality and low maintenance cost
– Main export markets: Middle East and South America

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Fire-Resistant Safes & Fire-Resistant Filing Cabinets Since its founding in 1971, Booil Safes has provided high-quality fire resistant safes, fire resistant filing cabinets, antiburglary & fire resistant safes, hotel safes and steel safes, which are made from its plant utilizing the state of the art technology and equipment, exporting to
around 80 countries. The company will continue to build a reputation for satisfying customers’ expectations by delivering the best solution to protect your property from burglaries and fires.


Booil’s fire-resistant safes were certified by KS (Korean Standards), JIS (Japanese), UL (the USA), SP (Sweden), SINTEF (Norway), GOST (Russia), CE (Europe), ISO9001 (UK), and Korean World-class Product Award (the Korean government), assuring clients of its high quality both at home and abroad.

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Gas Deep Fryer for Commercial Use

Gas Deep Fryer ensures more efficiency, economical and faster performance by using Pre-Mix metal than other conventional gas fryers. Equipped with Pre-Mix metal fiber burner featuring high heat resistance, the Gas Deep Fryer can be used above 1,000°C and metal fiber burner just takes nine minutes and 45 seconds to reach 165 degree. And the high energy efficiency burner reduces gas consumption by 30%, compared with standard burner fryer. PASECO Co., Ltd., founded in 1974, is one of the leading manufacturers in Korea for wide range of home/commercial appliances and heaters. Its product range covers heaters and commercial appliances like gas (Deep) fryer, gas rice cooker and dish-washer and home appliances like gas hobs, ceramic (electric) hobs, wall ovens, dishwashers, dish dry & sterilizers, specialty fridges such as drawer fridges, wine cellers, Rice coolers, sidedish fridges, and wall-mount mini-fridges, lift-up doors, chopping-board/dishcloth and knife dry & sterilizers, water filters, food waste decomposer, food waste dehydrator, electronic bidets, etc.

Gas-Deep-FryerMain export markets: Asian countries (Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, Pakistan,
India, etc.) and the Middle East (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc.)

Certifications: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, UL, CSA, JHIA, CCC, SAA, etc.

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Kids’ Toy “Dino Truck“

Daesungtoys Co., Ltd. is a Korean toy company committed to developing a better children’s playing culture under the corporate philosophy that every child has his or her own unique possibilities and potentials, which can be developed through ‘playing culture,’ not learning by rote. With 40-years of history in better-quality plastic toy production, the company has played a role in developing children’s playing culture and as a buddy for our kids. Daesungtoys’ ‘Dino Truck series’ has everything that boys love – dinosaurs and construction trucks such as a bulldozer, an excavator, and a grinder in a toy.

As the ‘Dino Truck series’ features the shapes and functions of construction vehicles and characteristics of dinosaurs, they will satisfy the interests of children with dynamic fun of enjoying the cars and dinosaurs at the same time.


Each toy has a different function of a construction truck such as leveling land with a bulldozer and earth mover, and the toys have dinosaur bodies – the dinosaur mouth, head and tail are designed to move. When a kid move or back the car up in the sand, it leaves the footprints of a dinosaur. Children can enjoy playing it both indoor and outdoor. Four different models are available for kids aged over three. The Korean company now exports to the USA and European countries, and wants to further expand the markets into Asia.

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