Stainless Steel Cookware

Established in 1990, Clad Co., Ltd. started with manufacturing stainless steel pressure cookers for 25 years. With its own patented ‘Cladding’ technology, we are working on to become a leading cookware maker by providing not only pressure cooker, but also stainless steel cookware and 3ply & 5ply cookware under its own “JoyClad” brand, which is also sell in the country’s major department stores and retail shops, including Lotte, Hyundai, Hanssem and major on-line malls.

With about 90 highly skilled workers, Clad provides high-quality products, 100% made in its own factory in Korea.

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Korea’s household

Keyword of Korea’s household kitchenware industry: Going Small and High Performer

The size of Korea’s household kitchenware industry including cookware, airtight containers, tableware and cooking tools is estimated at about 3 trillion won ($2.7 billion). The combined market size is estimated to be more than 10 trillion won ($9 billion), when kitchen appliances such as an electric rice cooker, a kimchi refrigerator, a coffee maker and oven are included.


By category, kitchen appliancescontinue to hold the largest share of 56 percent, followed by cookware (13 percent), and airtight containers & bottles (12 percent) in the overall kitchenware industry in the country. In addition, ceramic cookware and tableware take a 13 percent market share and a 12 percent market share, respectively, followed by cutting boards &knives(6 percent) and commercial cookware (3 percent).

What has the greatest impacton home the appliance selection in Korea is compact size and high performance, as the country’s growth rate for single and two-personhouseholds is one of the highest in the world, and smaller households have higher demand forcompact housing and space-saving home appliances. However, consumers are not satisfied with just small size, but they want high performance, too.

Appliance manufacturers are responding by introducingmore efficient, and more compact but high performance kitchen small appliances such as a multi-functional oven, an electronic steamer, a nutrition loss-free juicer and an air fryer not using oil. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Cookware & Airtight Food Containers

[INQ. NO. 1406C27] Good Morning Corporation has manufactured highquality cookware and airtight food containers with corporate philosophy of providing customers maximum satisfaction through dedicated service and top-quality merchandise. To the end, the company has put constant effort in developing progressive and innovative products that will make life handy and convenient.

In the process, the company cares about every customer’s need and satisfaction.

Good Morning’s airtight food container features natural mineral that is applied into PP base material for semi-permanent lasting effect. Thanks to the technology, the container can maintain freshness of food and store food longer than other PP storage containers.

1406C27Good Morning also provides aluminum die-casting frying pan and pot. With ceramic coating, they deliver constant heat conductivity and high heat efficiency. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


Cookware[INQ. NO. 1401C18]Sammi Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972 and has manufactured various kitchenware from dinnerware to pressure cooker. Its plating technology was the first to earn the KS Mark among the industry in Korea.

Since its establishment, the company has acquired more than one hundred patents at home and abroad. Its main product based on patented technology. The company won the ministerial prize in 2008 and both the gold prize and special prize in the international Patent invention Contest in Switzerland in 2010.

The award-winning cookware has a triple structure with a layer of air between the outer shell and the inner surface of the pot. The air layer makes heat evenly distributed throughout the pot. Therefore, there is hardly any temperature difference in the various areas of the pot, making it easier to maintain a certain temperature within the pot, while preventing the food from burning.

As proven in worldwide acknowledgements, sammi ovencook has been highly recognized for its technical excellence. The company continually invests in R&D to produce innovative, creative products based on its proprietary technology. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Amphibole Cookware

Amphibole CookwareYoungshin Stone’s Amphibole cookware is hand-crafted from rough amphibole without any chemical treatments. The Amphibole cookware has been widely used at home and in restaurants as the main cookware for generations in Korea.

Nowadays the Korean Amphibole stone kitchenware is being highly appreciated in overseas markets for its superior qualities such as outstanding heat resistance and conductibility, compared with other materials.


Furthermore, the Far-Infrared-Rays emitting from the Amphibole, one of the best advantages of the stoneware, allows people to cook the food in a healthier way by preserving the original nutrition and flavor.

The Bibimpap of Jeonju, which is cooked in the Amphibole cookware thanks to these benefits of the stone cookware, has become famous worldwide as one of the representative Korean cuisines.

Also, Bulgogi, which is another well-known Korean traditional recipe, can be enjoyed with the best taste, along with its unique Oriental flavor when cooked in the Amphibole pan.

As the Amphibole cookware is growing in popularity among overseas consumers due to its superior quality, Youngshin Stone is seeing the export volume steadily grow in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK and the USA with increased orders for the Amphibole cookware like roast pan, steak pan and barbecue grills for Western-style dishes.

The company is eager to make further inroads into Russia and China.




Youngshin Stone Co., Ltd.
107-32, Jeseoksaji-ro, Komma, Iksan Jeollabuk-do, Korea
Tel: (82-63)834-3219 Tel: (82-63)834-3459

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Aluminum Die-cast Cookware

3D PTFE coating frypan & Wok

As one of the leading aluminum die-casting cookware manufacturers in Korea, Seshin Industry, Inc continuous improvement of product quality and development and application of more advanced echnology in comparison with other aluminum cookware companies in domestic market and has operated a die-casting cookware production facility in 2003.

It’s main products are aluminum die cast cookware/kitchenware such as frying pan, WOK, sauce pan & sauce pot(casserole, dutch oven), saute pan, stock pot, double pan and roast pan, etc. Seshin industry obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification for quality control, along with 4 patents and 2 new utility model patents as well as one patent pending as a result of constant R&D efforts to develop various products.

The company was also awarded a mark ‘KOTRA Seal of Excellence’ mark for advanced technology, high quality, financial soundness and market appeal as an export business. The company has firmly been positioned in domestic market as manufacturer, wholesaler &TV home-shopping vendor.

This solid foundation for growth is further supported by our strong financial position, enhances manufacturing and distribution capabilities, extended product categories and record order backlog levels.Seshin has been eager to expand their scope of business to abroad since 2008 looking for companies who could establish mutually profitable business relationships in the long term.


3D Ceramic coating pots(HC)


3D PTFE Coated Frypan & Wok

Seshin Industry’ patented 3D PTFE coating contains Nano reinforced particles and Nano diamond crystals. These particles make coating itself more durable 3D(Hologramic) effect on cooking surface. Anodizing reinforcement surface treatment before coating and Induction bottom are optional for customers.

The anodizing reinforcement surface treatment prior to the coating process will prohibit oxidization/efflorescence and absolutely prevents extraction of any of the oxidized aluminum particles onto the cooking surface.

There is absolutely no harm to human health as well.


3D CERAMIC coating pots(HC)

Ceramic based 3D coating was recently developed and patented by seshin Industry. Nano reinforcement ingredients allows 3D(Hologramic) look on the cooking surface.

The pattern on the cooking surface looks different from each angle of view. The steam-vent standing knob can allow boiling steam to go throughout from inside of pot and prevents water overflow while boiling.

Also the knob is able to stand so users can save space and keep it safe. The bottom of the pot is specially designed to contain heat and save energy. Induction bottom is optional available.




• Seshin Industry, Inc.
16-15 Gomak-ri, Wolgot-myeon, Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31)997-8841~2 Fax: (82-31)997-8843

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