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January 7, 2012

Filter System


Since it was established in 1996, Microfilter has manufactured and distributed the premier point-of-use inline water filter. Under the concept of ‘With people, Nature and Environment,’ the company has worked hard to make the world’s finest water filter to eliminate or reduce bad contaminants that cause unwanted taste, odor and discoloration in portable water.

Thanks to these efforts, Microfilter finally became the leading company in the water filtration industry in Korea and now it has been striving to enhance its capability to produce the most cost-effective and trouble-free inline water filters.

Microfilter currently provides a wide variety of residential water treatment systems. Of special note, RO Membrane elements are recognized as one of the world’s best products and exported worldwide. It has a fully automated process production line and tested all products by vacuum. Furthermore, it has not used any preservatives due to dry type membrane and acquired NSF/ANSI Standard 58 Certification certified by NSF international.

    M9 Quick Change Filter System

  • Guarantee of Safe water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple and easy to change filter system

Recently launched by Microfilter, the M9 filter system supplies healthful water by reducing contaminants, cysts, lead, and heavy metal in tap water by carbon block and reverse osmosis membrane of high quality.

The material used in the M9 is approved by the FDA for its safety, and the M9 filter system was tested by the Korean Environments lab according to NSF standards. M9 requires no electricity, thus generating no carbon dioxide, as the electronic water purifier uses about 50kw for one month to maintain cool and hot water.

In addition to its high-performance and ecofriendly qualities, M9 is designed to be easy for anyone to maintain. Even a housewife can easily change filter cartridges with just a pull and turn without any tools, unlike the traditional filter system for under the sink which needs a spanner to be used for replacement.

FLUUX High Flow Filtration System Microfilter has also introduced the FLUUX High Flow Filtration System for commercial and residential use. This filter offers advantages like high capacity and easy handling.

The FLUUX High Flow filter is designed to allow twice the flow rate of existing models. Also, all wetted materials including filter media, cartridge and head Ass’y have passed NSF or FDA CER 32 compliance.

This is why High Flow is ideal for not only residential water filtration systems, but also food service and vending applications.

In addition, people can now exchange the FLUUX High Flow filter without using any special tools and the need to shut off water because the shut-off valve is already included in our patented header. This makes FLUUX High Flow more convenient and price competitive compared with other existing models.

FLUUX High Flow filter reduces your water production cost with a single high level operating filter that decreases Chlorine Taste & Odor, dirt and Cyst. If necessary, people can add a built-in scale inhibitor and lead reduction into FLUUX High Flow.

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Tel: (82-43)531-7020~5
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