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January 7, 2012



Young Chang is the nation’s leading manufacturer of pianos, based in the port city of Incheon, Korea with a 50% share of the Korean piano market. The challenge of constructing high-quality pianos requires a relentless pursuit of excellence, since the piano is an instrument whose seemingly insignificant flaws cannot escape detection by the sharp and sophisticated eyes and ears of pianists and classical music lovers.

Founded in 1956, Young Chang has pioneered the piano industry in Korea with a combination of passion, artistry and technical innovation. Young Chang pianos are the work of more than 50 years heritage of piano craftsmanship and a legacy of five decades of artisanship that has been committed to manufacturing an exceptional musical instrument.

Currently, Young Chang has more than a thousand highly skilled workers around the world, designing and building the top quality upright and grand pianos, and also the electronic Kurzweil Music Systems.

AW275 is one of the finest concert grand pianos with the best quality materials and features, including AAA Spruce soundboard, German Renner action & German Abel hammer and asymmetric tapered soundboard to meet customers’ most discerning requirements.

Young Chang uses A-class northern spruce for soundboards, providing excellent sound-transmission coefficients. The soundboard, back posts, key frame and keyboard are made of carefully selected first class materials.

And, the Abel Hammer and Renner Action manufactured by a world-class provider in Germany help Young Chang maintain the old tradition that creates clean, beautiful sound. What’s more, the thickness of the soundboard varies with an asymmetrical shape in the low-note portions that resembles the creases of a round speaker.

As a result, the tone becomes richer and the overall sound more resonant, with a strong strike from a soft touch in the bass-note portion.

This piano’s sound ribs are crowned asymmetrically by machine. Specially designed sound ribs support the contact points of the bridge rather than the center of the soundboard. This design allows the piano to deliver fuller energy to the entire body while maintaining tone. Additionally, the soft-glide piano features a system that closes the keyboard flap slowly, gently.

Young Chang’s other best-selling item AW121E BP is a professional upright with brilliant sound and exceptional beauty. It features top-quality materials and outstanding features, including AAA solid spruce sound board, hard maple pin board, solid Agraffes, hard maple Young Chang Premiere Action, “Royal George” piano hammer felt, platinum blue full under felt, soft glide fall board, vacuum-processed cast iron plate and German Adolf bass sting and Roslau wire.

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