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January 10, 2012

CIOS-Indoor Air-Quality Monitoring Device
Indoor ventilation is one of the most important factors in leading a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that it is also linked with students’ academic performance.

According to naturally conducted research in Europe, aimed at 550 students in 22 classes of five schools, less ventilation rate increased CO2 in the classrooms, thus raising stimulus symptoms and decreasing concentration of students. And it was reported that as the CO2 level in the classrooms went up by 0~999 / 1000~1,499 / 1,500~4,000 ppm, the academic performance index went down. Additionally, as the CO2 concentration got higher, nerve and upper respiratory systems were negatively affected. (Myhrvoldetc 1996).

Furthermore, a regional office in Seoul, Korea promoted ventilation child care centers in its jurisdiction from March to December of last year in a bid to reduce the number of atopic disease patients. Consequently, the condition of children who had symptoms of atopic ailments improved considerably.

In this sense, CooCoo Air Watch is very useful for homes, offices or schools since it enables people to identify timing of ventilation and adjust ventilation time according to information displayed by the indoor air-quality measuring instrument.

Launched by CIOS Inc., the air-quality monitoring device provides appropriate ventilation timing and time, using the world’s smallest and most economical solid-state electrochemical CO2 sensor. With an alarm lamp, it notifies people on the indoor air quality with four different colors – blue sky (clean), green (pleasant), blue (normal) and red (ventilation required). It weighs 140g and measures 114mm x 70mm x79mm, and is powered by a DC6~8V and over 0.5A adapter.

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