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January 11, 2012

Since its foundation in 1984, with its proprietary dermatechnology and product know-how, Charmzone has solely focused on basic skincare cosmetics. With its distinctive 3S strategy (Sample, Seminar, Service), Charmzone positioned itself as one of the most prominent cosmetics company in Korea and with continuing R&D effort through Charmzone Technology Institute, Charmzone strives to lead global market.

Charmzone’s distinctive 3S strategies aim to provide its customers with greater happiness and satisfaction. Derived from first letter of Sample, Seminar and Service, 3S strategy is core marketing strategy designating product quality and customer service as top priorities. Sample strategy utilizes Charmzone’s superior cosmetics and its confidence as an advertising means. Seminar strategy seeks to build customer confidence through direct meetings. Finally, service strategy strives to carry out every operation from the perspective of customers and reciprocate customers’ support and love. Those 3S’s are driving force of Charmzone.



To have a single proprietary technology, one needs to invest huge quantity of fund, state-of-art equipment and world-class manpower over a long period. Benefiting from 20 year-long experience as a skin-specializing pharmacist and more than 300,000 skin treatment cases collected, Charmzone was able to accquire unparalleled technology with continuing investment on R&D. Charmzone Technology Institute, constituted with Central Research Center, Applied Research Center and Biomaterial Research Center are aiming to contribute a better future for skin science beyond cosmetics development.

Charmzone Skincare products are made through the 12 rigorous processes. Charmzone Technology Institute has the professional researchers who conducted sophisticated studies ranging from skin type, lifestyle, living environment, and preference of people to the new ingredient development, safety test, and the suitability of containers.

Since our skincare products are made for the delicate skins of women, we launch only the products that met the rigorous standards and passed the thorough quality tests mainly based on safety.


Charm-in-Cell, Charmzone’ unique solution for cellular care
Charm-in-Cell put a focus on cell care managed by Charmzone’s specific patented substances, so skin may be kept in a better condition and look younger. The product line reinforces skin’s protective functions in outer layers, while enhancing tissue elasticity and vitality in inner layers. Free your skin from the traces of time.


PleasiuM Wrinkle Care
The wrinkle-care line introduced by PleasiuM presents users with an enjoyable firming effect centered on adenine, a newly developed ingredient for wrinkle control. Nutrients extracted from beehives and nano-sericin extracted from silkworm cocoons keeps the skin healthy and moist, protecting it from ceaseless attacks of harmful stimulants by supplying a proper amount of moisture and nourishment required.



● Charmzone
1008-3, Daechi-2dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-80)022-0204
Fax: (82-2)3485-9429

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