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January 11, 2012

Periodontal diseases occur among young people, as well as the elderly. The problems of periodontal diseases are not that simple as most people think. If they become chronic, they can be a cause of serious health risks such as diabetes, heart disease and strokes. In this sense, preventive dental care is vital to maintain good health.

Against this backdrop, Korea Bowon Bio actively engages in developing and manufacturing various toothpaste products targeting consumers at home and abroad with its own patented technology.

Korea Bowon Bio-toothpaste

In 2006, the Korean company acquired patents for ‘the production method of silver-contained natural toothpaste’ and ‘the production method of goldcontained natural toothpaste.’ Both silver and gold toothpaste products are excellent for removing germs inside the mouth, and can kill 99.8% of germs inside the mouth within 24 hours. These effects have been tested and proven.

It has developed and launched Doltan Toothpaste, which specializes in sensitive teeth, and “Noble 1 Plus” toothpaste, which is new concept powder toothpaste designed to remove plaque and bad breath. In addition, after three years of research, the company has developed and launched the tooth Premium Whitening Gel, which is designed to whiten teeth in 2-3 steps by simply applying it to teeth.

Furthermore, Korea Bowon Bio has developed and acquired a patent for a mousse-type foaming toothpaste product that contains advanced gold and silver particles and can be used for cleansing the mouth without needing to brush teeth with water, but simply needing to gargle and spit out.

The company’s products have been internationally and domestically recognized by receiving Gold and Silver awards at the International Invention Fair, and a reward in recognition of value management from the president of the Public Procurement Service, as well as an award from the president of the Patent Office of Korean government.

From 2006 and 2011, its products have been chosen as Euddeum (excellent) products by the Korean Standards Association (KSA), and in 2007, the company was registered as a venture company, and as an ISO9001 certified company. In addition, beginning in 2008, Korea Bowon Bio has been selected as a Hi Seoul brand, supported by Seoul Metropolitan government, and now it engages in worldwide promotional activities.

Since 2010, Korea Bowon Biohas exported to 27 nations, including European countries, and it is also working hard to expand its export markets to China, Japan, and Southeast Asia as well via promotional activities over 20 times a year. In Korea, the company’s toothpaste is selling well at department stores, dental clinics, large marts, home shopping stores and online shopping malls.

Korea Bowon Bio is growing strong as a company specializing in dental health. Under the corporate philosophy, “Dental health determines 100 years of long health,” it is making continuous efforts to improve consumers’ dental health with constant investment in technology to develop the most superior products. Based on its specialization and experience, the company continues to conduct research in order to produce more varied and functional dental products.

● Korea Bowon Bio Co., Ltd.
Fl. 2, Hyudai Plaza, 410-105, Cheonho-3dong, Gangdonggu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)475-5916
Fax: (82-2)475-5924
Website: hankukbowon.co.kr

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