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Loofenlee-Food Waste Disposer


Amid growing awareness of the need to protect the environment, Loofenlee’s innovative food waste disposers will serve as an alternative to the existing treatment of food leftovers, such as direct landfill. They also provide a good solution to public resistance against waste disposal facilities’ being built in the neighborhood.

The LF-07 is a stand-alone unit employing Loofenlee’s award-winning proprietary technology that dehydrates food waste. It treats all kinds of food waste, reducing the size by up to 20%. Furthermore, activated carbon-based deodorization technology completely eliminates bad odors and keeps the process hygienic. The decent and compact design makes it easy to use in the kitchen or any place desired.

As Loofenlee’s advanced dehydrating decomposition technology has been highly recognized among foreign consumers, its products are being exported to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Ireland.

Moreover, its humidifier catches the eyes of consumers with its unique design and outstanding sanitization performance. Applying a fine copper filter, the humidifier prevents microbial growth and sanitizes the water so that only clean mist is emitted, providing humidity during arid winter conditions.



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