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February 24, 2012

KIMES 2012 Showcased Top-Grade Medical EquipmentThe Korea’s comprehensive medical equipment show will serve as an ideal platform to raise the standards of the medical and hospital industry both in Korea and internationally.

Due to an ageing population and rising healthcare costs, the global medical industry is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. The demand for reliable and yet affordable medical technologies is rapidly growing.
Facing an increasingly aging society, Korea is no exception. And the size of the nation’s medical industry is also increasing, and it is reflected in part by burgeoning demand for medical equipment, creating a large local market.

KIMES 2012 Showcased Top-Grade Medical Equipment

According to a report written by a researcher called “Espicom,” the medical market in Korea is estimated to be growing 11.2% per year and Korea is ranked at 17th in the world.
Moreover, the volume of the local market would be increasing up to US$3.56 billion by 2014 and it is believed that the Korea medical industry could become another key market in Korea within a few years.

Furthermore, an abundant supply of skilled manpower in the electronics and medical engineering sectors, coupled with Korea’s top-notch expertise in semiconductors, industrial electronics, and electronic parts, has led to the nation’s electro-medical equipment industry showing rapid growth in a relatively short period. Due to their high reliability, domestic manufacturers continue to demonstrate their commitment to product quality and innovation.

KIMES 2012 Showcased Top-Grade Medical Equipment
Korea’s large-scale medical industry has been very much in evidence at KIMES (Korea International Medical and Hospital Equipment Show). The show has fulfilled high expectations with the newest medical products and innovative technologies.

To present visitors the opportunity of experiencing the various and latest medical trends, the 28th KIMES, was held at COEX in Seoul on February 16 to 19 with about a thousand manufacturers showcasing 30,000 products.

The total healthcare and medical show presented the direction for the future medical technology featuring well over 978 companies from 30 countries, including 121 from the USA, 75 from Japan, 77 from China and more. A projected 60,000 visitors will also be obtaining information on all the current and future trends at the premier medical event. | Blog Magazine of Korean Products, brands, and goods

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