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March 16, 2012

Sizgraphy EVA is the newest digital mammography equipped with the world’s largest CMOS based detector for breast screening. The state-of-the-art sensor CMOS technology
by Humanray features high-resolution and consistent-quality image without compromise, offering greater details of abnormalities, such as microcalcifications and mass.

Sizgraphy uses the world’s largest single chip CMOS detector developed with VATECH Humanray’s own technology that exhibits an unrivalled dynamic range and highest signal-tonoise
ratio in its class. Sizgraphy image quality is specially designed, adjusted and tuned to be optimized for the purpose of screening mammograms.


Digital MammographyEspecially, the one-chip CMOS based detector of this mammography performs high resolution at 70um pixel size, extremely large size of 17×24 cm and fast readout speed.

The feminine color and soft design provide emotional security for patients. When switched to the mode of CC/MLO3, the automatic patient positioning is available for shorter check-up time.

Also, the C-arm’s small turning radius maximizes efficient space usage. VATECH Humanray is a specialized company of X-ray core technology that has expanded its business area into digital mammography systems with its own advanced CMOS-based detector technology.

Highly Detective Quantum Efficiency or DQE of Humanray CMOS detector is a vital technology to minimize the radiation dose to patients while obtaining uncompromised image quality.




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