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March 16, 2012

JVM is a leading manufacturer of pharmacy automation solutions for hospital pharmacies, local pharmacies and nursing homes. JVM presents the latest products, including VIZEN
(automatic prescription inspection system for hospital and retail pharmacy), ezCUT (automatic tablet cutting system and ATDPS_TS Type (automatic tablet dispensing & packaging system) at KIMES 2012.

VIZEN performs an automatic inspection for filling-completed packets to avoid all possible errors during the inspection process for more accurate and safer medicine control.
All prescription results of a patient are saved and managed individually for efficient medication and administration control.

For fast and accurate medicine inspection, VIZEN offers auto error checking & inspection result management, inspection result printing and flexible distribution.

Pharmacy Automation SolutionsThe equipment features a smart touch screen for convenient inspection monitoring. In addition, ezCUT is a tablet cutting system that automatically cuts various shapes of tablets in half and counts them.

It automatically recognizes differently shaped tablets such as round, oval or oblong without separately registering and then cuts them in half and counts.

It increases work-efficiency through establishing a clean and hygienic dispensing environment.

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Tel: (82-53)608-2555
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