Ultrasound System

Ultrasound SystemALPINION Medical Systems introduces the E-CUBE 9 ultrasound that offers superior images of a consistent and stable image quality.

The E-CUBE 9 is built around ALPINION’s proprietary single crystal transducer technology that delivers superior image detail and resolution together with deeper penetration.

Other premium features for enhanced clinical efficiency include superior ergonomics, an integrated gel warmer, and protective transducer port covers.

ALPINION’s flagship Crystal Signature technology has at last offered the largest single crystal convex transducer ever made, and the world’s first 4D single crystal transducer.

ALPINION’s unique and superb transducers deserve the best integration and ergonomics, so a lightweight, highly flexible cable and optimally lightened handle are included, which allow comfortable manipulation in rigorous daily use.

The ALPINION’s Crystal Signature (single crystal technology) enables users to increase their clinical accuracy and efficiency with detailed images of deep structures.

In addition, ALPINION’s unique FullSRI speckle reduction filtering technology removes artifacts and enhances tissue edges to create an accurate diagnostic picture of various applications.

The Xpeed supports an efficient workflow by enabling the rapid optimization of the 2D grayscale mode and color flow mapping with a simple onetouch action.




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