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April 6, 2012

Interior Fabrics-1Elunani is a Korean manufacturer that specializes in bags and home interior fabrics such as interior and exterior blinds, curtains, blackout paper, fashion accessories, tableware, outdoor equipment, small interior furniture and floor mats.

In recent times, Elunani bags and pouches have drawn much attention as a fashion item.

Using high-tenacity polyester yarn and specially coated PVC, Elunani’s products feature durability, fire retardant properties, UV protection and antibiotic quality.


The fabrics with classy and subdued gloss are coated to prevent being polluted from various environmental factors, and they are highly practical with an easy and simple cleaning.

The fabrics using different yarns feature varied colors and thickness, allowing the home textiles to display intricate patterns and delicate designs.

Elunani sets a goal to put much focus on making eco-friendly products. Thus, the company uses materials that are Non-Phthalate, displaying the capability to produce non-PVC products, and constantly reinvests in the research and development team so that it can provide the highest quality products that perfectly match the market needs.


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• Elunani
Fl. 4, Dongwon Bldg., 192 Jibum-ro, Susung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Tel: (82-53)262-2277
Fax: (82-53)262-2288

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