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April 21, 2012

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Micro bubbles are tiny gas bubbles that form in water- normally less than 50 microns in diameter.

The micro bubbles are characterized by having electrical charges, which attract particles very effectively.

This property has been used to capture organic matter, thus decreasing the time required for sludge treatment.

Another usage of micro bubbles is in the areas of cancer treatment. Scientists are in the process of developing a method of diagnosing cancer lesions by injecting micro bubbles into the bloodstream.

In recent years, micro bubbles have been introduced in some spas for skin treatment as the micro bubbles can penetrate deeply into skin for a good scrub while allowing people to feel relaxed due
to the various health benefits.

As the skin-care and health benefits of micro bubbles are well known, diverse micro-bubble generators are available on the market.


Micro-bubble shower-2MEC Co. is a Korean company developing and manufacturing a micro-bubble shower head called “Lona.”

With the micro-bubble shower head, people can enjoy taking a bath in micro-bubble water without going to a spa.

Thanks to the ease of use and great performance, Lona is rapidly growing in popularity among health-sensitive consumers.

The Lona shower head creates extremely small air bubbles (0.001mm), which are highly effective in callus removal, skin moisturizing and cleansing.

The Lona is also an eco-friendly product that reduces soap use, which in turn reduces water pollution, and prevents skin irritation as well.

The micro bubbles can penetrate deeply into the skin, cleansing the skin without the need for soap.


What is more, the micro bubbles from the shower head will be especially useful for those who suffer from sensitive skin, including atopy since the system allows people to take a bath or clean the face by using water only, without the need for any soap.

Moreover, when taking a shower, the micro bubbles come with 400km/h ultrasonic waves, and plenty of negative ions and momentary ultra-high temperature are generated at the same time.

According to the Korean company, the micro bubble shower also facilitates blood circulation and metabolism as well as soothingly relieving fatigue.


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143B-14LOT, Namdong Industrial Complex, 718-12, Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
Tel: (82-32)818-8458 Fax: (82-32)818-8457
Website: lona.kr

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