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May 11, 2012

Electronic Speaking Pen for Phonics Set

Released by NeoLAB Convergence Inc., Pop pen is an electronic speaking pen which is included in Little by Little Phonics set. When children touch the book with this pop-pen, sound including song, chant and pronunciation come out and this makes learning more interesting and strategically effective.

The electronic speaking pen (NSP-C100) helps children to learn in 4 languages – Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. Recording sound is practical and flexible while playing various activities. It is easy to use – a separate MP3Player is no longer needed for language study. And, using AAA 1.5V battery supports complete power management system to perform various functions.

Electronic Pen (NSP-C100) Specifications
– Storage : Micro SD Card 4GB included
– OS Window XP, Vista
– Voice input/output : Mono Microphone input
– Battery : AAA alkaline battery
– Connections : USB 2.0/Mass Storage
– Operation Radius : 10m
– Connection : IEEE802.15.4/ZIGBEE


Electronic Speaking Pen for Phonics Set-01


Furthermore, the Little by Little Phonics for home schooling is a 3-level phonics program which is designed specifically for 6~8 years old. , is suitable for both ESL and EFL learners. It incorporates both phonics and reading into each lesson; therefore this program makes learning a quicker and more effective process.

This series was inspired to incorporate reading and phonics into a single lesson by Dr. Edmund V. Starret . Over the course of his long teaching career, he derived the theory of Balanced Reading from which he created the syllabus of this book.

Moreover with its exclusive Pop pen (touch&play™), children can listen to the stories in 4 languages (Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese), record their voice and also compare with native pronunciation.

By comparing the pronunciation with native speaker voice, children can recognize the difference and follow the correct pronunciation. Children can unconsciously enhance their understanding in reading and phonics while playing with Little by Little phonics series.




• NeoLAB Convergence Inc.
2F, 4F Yujung Bldg., 1639-9, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)3462-2981 Fax: (82-2)3462-2983
Website: neolab.kr

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