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June 8, 2012

Dried Abalone & Sea Cucumber


Gloria Seafood, established in 2009 on Wando Island, in South Jeolla province, just off the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula, is a seafood exporter that was awarded the certification of ‘World-Class Product’ in 2011, which Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy has since 2001given to the country’s nation’s most highly rated export products after rigorous screening processes.

Gloria Seafood has been involved in abalone farming near Wando Island since 2005, and the company began exporting dried abalone and dried sea cucumbers to the USA, Canada, China and Hong Kong in earnest beginning from 2011.

The Korean exporter now runs two processing factories equipped with a 1,701 square meter cold storehouse, a 1,394 square meter production facility for dried abalones and sea cucumbers, and a 892 square meter facility for producing canned products & ready-to-eat products.

At the production facilities, it can process 36 tons of dried abalone, 36 tons of dried sea cucumber and 240 tons of canned seafood products a year.

Its main export products include dried abalone, canned abalone, dried sea cucumber, sea cucumber pills and sea cucumber drinks.


Dried Abalone

Abalone, known as a rich source of protein is a nutritious food providing invigoration, protecting liver functions, and helping overcome fatigue. For these reasons, the demand for this premium fishery product is increasing around the world.

Gloria Seafood provides dried abalone and canned abalone that use 100% fresh abalone raised in Korean seawater. In particular, the dried abalone is produced from fresh abalone, and after washing, their internal organs and shell are removed, followed by the steaming, drying and packaging processes.

Even though abalone itself is healthy seafood rich in protein but low in fat and calorie content, the dried abalone has a higher content of taurine in the course of steaming or drying abalone.

Taurine is a kind of amino acid which is effective for improving function of the liver and heart, controlling cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The dried abalone also has higher contents of
methionine and cysteine, which are known to help to overcome fatigue and enhance the liver function.


Dried Sea Cucumber

Gloria Seafood’s dried sea cucumber is produced from 100% fresh sea cucumber raised in Korean seawater. After washing, their internal organs are removed; and the steaming, drying and packaging
processes follow to preserve it.

Dried sea cucumber is considered to be an many Asian countries. Sea cucumber is also known for being highly nutritious. The high protein food is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, taurine, saponin,
polypeptide and various vitamins. Its collagen protein is good for treating anemia and preventing cardiovascular disorders.

Also, the selenium found in sea cucumber is effective in preventing influenza and slowing aging. It also contains a lot of arginine, which promotes the regeneration of cells in the body, thus it is more widely used as food for helping patients recover from surgery.

Sea cucumber has long been treasured as a tonic food, and its active ingredients are known to be good for the stamina.




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