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June 8, 2012

Enoki Mushrooms
Korean enoki mushrooms are popular among overseas markets as well as the domestic market, being distributed to many restaurants and the response of customers to their quality and taste has been excellent.

Enoki mushrooms (Collybia velutipes) are widely used as a foodstuff because they are delicious and nutritious; and they are especially good with meat because they help control the cholesterol level in one’s blood.

Enoki Mushrooms-01Guanylic acid inside Collybia velutipes drops the quantity of cholesterol. They also contain a lot of food fiber, vitamins, calcium, and protein and so qualify as a health food that is good for growth and the diet of growing children.

The low calorie food is just about 32kcal per 100g. And, the abundant fiber promotes intestinal activity gently and especially by stimulating an immune system and by protecting the various virus infections, it is known as effective for treating cancers.

Hampyeong Chon Ji Mushroom Agricutural Union Cooperative is one of the largest mushroom-producing farms located in Hampyeong County in South Jeolla province, Korea.

Hampyeong’ enoki mushrooms are popular at home and abroad. The company now exports the mushrooms to Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, and China, and it supplies to the E-Mart chain stores and wholesale markets nationwide under the brand name of “Supoolnara” in Korea.

Behind the high popularity of the Hampyeong’ enoki mushrooms is excellent quality. To maintain the freshness of the mushrooms as long as possible until shipping to customers, the mushrooms are grown at a low temperature.Enoki Mushrooms-02

And the freshest mushrooms are carefully sorted out and packed. That is why the Hampyeong’ enoki mushrooms boast top quality.

The company’s enoki mushrooms have great quality competitiveness because they are grown in the perfect natural environment of Hampyeong with an up-to-date production system and the excellent cultivation technique in the nation.

Over the 25 years, the corporation has spared no effort to improve a good growth environment in the cultivation facilities, so that the production is safe and hygienic. As a result of this hard work, it obtained the European GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification in 2007, a certification of quality from the governor of Jeolla province and designation as a top 100 STAR FARM of South Korea.

Enoki Mushrooms-03

• Hampyeong Chon Ji Mushroom Agricutural Union Cooperative
1062-1, Jukjeong-ri, Hakgyo-myeon, Hampyeong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-61)323-3090 Fax: (82-61)323-3091

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