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July 20, 2012

New Hexadome Big Specifications

Snowline Co. manufactures and exports joint protect products, including Soft, Trekker and climbing crampons including Chainsen, Enjoy Ratchet and tents/shelters including Hexadome, Indie Tarp and field Hexa light Tarp as well as folding bed, folding chair and pressure cooker.


Moon Light Specifications


One of the Snowline’s key items, “Chainsen” is a new concept of crampons applying tire chain technology, thus being easy to detach and giving excellent steadiness in any terrain and minimal fatigue to joints even during long climbing.

Snow does not stick to the crampon thanks to movable connection of chain rings. People can wear these crampons over regular running shoes.


Chainsen-ProChainsen also features high stability by low peaks system and strong resistance to rust by using stainless steel.

It uses special material for Elastomeric Band nonfreezing at -60°C, and it is easy to adjust the size by its good combination between Chains and Peaks.

Moreover, the “Enjoy” Ratchet guarantees safe climbing even under harsh weather conditions. The straps are fixed in a V-shape to minimize pressure on the wearer’s feet, and dispersion of shock thanks to a spike structure over the entire foot causes less fatigue than other existing crampons. Self-tension buckles prevent loosening of crampons during climbing and crampon lengths are adjustable to fit any shoe size.





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