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July 20, 2012

Inflatable Boats

Founded in 1983, Woosung I.B. Co., Ltd. has developed more than 100 types of inflatable boats and produces more than 40,000units per a year from factories in Korea, China and Vietnam.

Inflatable transom boats, rafts, kayaks, towable and water park tubes are exported with its own brand “Zebec” and “Z-pro” to over 200 customers in 60 countries and also supply products to major market readers in this industry like Hobie Cat, Walker Bay, NRS and Sea Eagle.

All Woosung I.B’s products are made from High quality PVC materials made in Korea and accessories from more than hundreds of molds owned by Woosung I.B.

The company pursues serving customers the best quality products at competitive prices and believes “We only make world-class products for our customers.”




• Woosung I.B. Co., Ltd.
331-10, Hyosung-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, Korea
Tel: (82-32)555-8061 Fax: (82-32)555-8003
Web-site: /

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