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August 4, 2012



3D NEWTON is state-of-the-art exercise equipment for rehabilitation with a 3D gravitation training system. Using 3D gravity, this 3D rehabilitation equipment allows people to analyze, measure and train the spinal muscles.

It provides 3D space exercise through 360°rotation and 0° to 60° inclination control. Using its advanced real-time bi-directional monitoring & direct feedback system, 3D NEWTON can monitor the condition and progress of a patient.

Based on the data of the bio feedback, it also provides customized set-up program fit for the individual conditions, symptoms and treatment progress.

As an intelligent muscular strength valuation system, 3D NEWTON also offers muscular strength valuation for individually customized exercise and comparison between before and after exercise.


Main Body: 1 EA
– Aslope: 0°- 60° Multi slope angle control
– Rotation: 0°- 360° Multi-rotation angle control
– Distance laser sensor: 50 – 500mm: 2EA



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