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August 4, 2012


The KMC-12HD is Korea’s first mobile surgical C-arm equipped with Dynamic Flat Panel. Comed’s proprietary technologies, creativity, and chic-design have been combined together and developed into the next generation’s high-tier product, KMC-12HD.

The Dynamic Flat Panel Detector provides high-quality images in an abundant and multi- level gradient while significantly lowering the total radiation dosage to both patients and operators.

Its Rotating OP Panel is designed for users to effortlessly operate the system without moving. The maximum orbital movement range of KMC-12HD is 165 degrees, 30 degrees more than competitors’ C-arm system and its ergonomic design is tremendously useful to fit into small exam rooms and to be transported within a facility.

Comed was founded in 1995 with valuable knowledge and proficiencies brought together by many industry professionals. After years of experiences in the medical imaging field, those accumulated knowledge and core-technologies have led us to grow rapidly and launch a variety of new products.

We value talents, passion, and challenges, but above all, at Comed, customers always come first.



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