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August 31, 2012

Aloe Farm Agriculture Association -Aloe

Aloe has long been used for skincare and whitening since ancient times. As the health benefits of aloe, including antibiotic functions, cell regeneration function, increasing the metabolism function and preventing hair loss have been documented for years, Aloe Vera is being used as an ingredient for beverages.

Situated in Geoje Island in South Gyeongsang province on the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, Aloe Farm Agriculture Association provides the highest quality aloe which is cultivated in a totally natural way.
Actually, about 60% of Korea’s aloe is produced in the area around Geoje Island, which is the largest area of Korean aloe cultivation and about 2,000 tons of aloe is produced in the area and distributed across the nation.

Geoje Island has a moderate climate that is perfect for cultivating aloe. For this reason, aloe grown from the Geoje area is famous for its thicker aloe gel and chewy texture than their counterparts in other areas in Korea.

Aloe Farm Agriculture Association provides the aloe which is cultivated in a wholly natural way, without using agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers during the planting and production process.

Using the high-quality aloe from Geoje, the company provides several different types of aloe products – aloe vinegar solution, aloe gel, aloe Vera gel, aloe jam and aloe juice.

In 2008, the company introduced ISO9001:2000 certification for its processing facilities to maintain the high quality of products, and the aloe Vera gel was endorsed by the U.S. FDA.



• Aloe Farm Agriculture Association
684-1 Oksan-ri Geoje-myeon, Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-55)633-5575
Fax: (82-55)633-5777

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