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September 1, 2012

Ottogi - Processed Foodstuffs

As a major processed food company in Korea, Ottogi produces about 500 different foodstuffs including instant noodles, curry, ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar, oil and fat products, retort and canned fish including tuna, etc.

Ottogi is currently taking the leadership of the curry market in Korea, which has been expanding over the years as consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about healthy foods on the concept of “curry = turmeric = health” with the growing needs for the unique taste and flavor of curry.

Ottogi is the first company in Korea to commercialize curry products and it now sees its domestic curry sales commanding over 80% of the market share. Ottogi’s curry products contain a variety of healthy spices such as turmeric, bay leaves, and phellinus linteus.

Ottogi also launched a high-end curry lineup “Ottogi Bekse Curry,” which contain 50% more turmeric, a major ingredient of curry, than regular curry products and its sales has topped 20 billion won in 2008 since it was launched in 2003. Ottogi’s “3-Minute Ready Meal” is one of the company’s popular brands.

Since the 3-Minute Ready Meal was introduced in 1981 as the country’s first pre-cooked food product, the demand for these products is on the rise as they are easy to cook and affordable. Ottogi ready meal products can be enjoyed just with 3 minutes of boiling. For this reason, they gain growing popularity among weekend outdoor campers as well. Starting with “3-Minute Curry” in 1981, we have introduced “3-Minute Jjajang,” “3-Minute Hamburg Steak,” “3-Minute Meat Balls.

Ottogi’s Kiss Noodle is a tasty and hot spicy instant noodle product with some spicy flavors. The soft but spicy Kiss Noodle has attracted keen attention in markets at home and abroad. It topped the sales in Japan’s foreign ramen market, according to Japan’s G-Market data.

The product clearly becomes one of the leading Korean ramen products in many overseas markets including Japan, New Zealand, China, Russia, Taiwan, and Philippines. Currently, the product is one of Ottogi’s major popular items along with its flagship instant noodle brand Jin Ramen.



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