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September 14, 2012

Gyeonggi Small Business Center

Marking its 15th anniversary this year, Gyeonggi Small Business Center (President Hong Ki-hwa) was founded in 1997 with the aim of providing comprehensive support for small & medium-sized enterprises based in Gyeonggi province.

The GSBC has been a reliable partner for SMEs, helping them overcome hardships with specialized business services in the fields of technology, marketing, human resources and marketing capability to assist them in tapping new market overseas. Up to now, the GSBC has lent a helping hand to a total of 173,949 enterprises in finding their way in the global marketplace.

With four branch offices across the Gyeonggi province, it now strives to offer customized services to match the specific needs of individual enterprises.
These achievements were recognized through the high score received in the ‘2012 performance evaluation on publicly owned organizations.’ The GSBC was chosen as a superior organization and its president had the honor to earn the top grade solely, being selected as the best CEO among the 31 heads of organizations in Gyeonggi province.

GSBC beefing up its overseas presence to expand new market base for SMEs

With the relocation to the new GSBC building in 2001, the GSBC offers a one-stop support system for small and medium-sized enterprises with the cooperation of related institutions that moved into its new building.

Since 2002, it has built up the necessary infrastructure required to better assist enterprises wishing to advance into new markets overseas. As part of this effort, the GSBC joined WTCA (World Trade Centers Association) in 2002, opening more opportunities for greater exchanges and cooperation with related international institutions. In a similar development, the GSBC hosted an Asia-Pacific international conference in the following year.

Under the new leadership of president Hong, the GSBC is putting much more focus on promoting the SMEs’ advancements into overseas markets. The GSBC has lately expanded the overseas operations of GBC (Gyeonggi Business Center) from Mumbai, to Moscow, Sao Paulo Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Shenyang. In addition, it regularly holds ‘G-Trade’ where companies can have a sales meeting with invited foreign buyers without going overseas.

In addition, the GSBC is working on making G-FAIR KOREA a major business platform for enterprises to promote their high-quality items and technologies and meet a lot of buyers. Reflecting the fair’s elevated status, the 2011 G-FAIR KOREA was attended by 1,200 companies at 1,600 booths with 7,781 consultation requests valued at $540 million. The 2012 G-FAIR KOREA will be held from October 17 to 20.

To enhance the global recognition of G-Fair, GSBC is hosting overseas G-Fair shows in Mumbai, Chengdu, and Jakarta.

Five top priority projects for overcoming the big challenges facing the global economy

In its 15th anniversary this year, the GSBC has selected the top priority projects that will be worked on for making it through recent global economic crisis.

First, it plans to put more focus on expanding job opportunities by linking its support programs with job creation records of enterprises. Secondly, it will strengthen its capability in performing comprehensive research & analysis and
development policy about SMEs.

Third, the GSBC will reinforce its support programs designed to promote SMEs’ marketing capability so as to take advantage of a better trade atmosphere created by the nation’s conclusion of free trade agreements (FTAs). Fourthly, the GSBC will introduce support systems for microenterprises and social enterprises, given that they play a part in the national economy with their business areas covering a variety of social stratums.

Lastly, it will fully focus on developing regionally specialized projects and support programs tailored to fit individual enterprise’s needs.

Realizing ‘customer satisfaction’ – oriented management

With the mission of ‘nurturing globally competitive small & medium-sized enterprises, the GSBC will spare no efforts to realize ‘customer satisfaction’- oriented management by fully devoting itself to helping SMEs in resolving their obstacles and difficulties in accessing global markets.

The organization will continue striving to provide in-depth and extensive support on the basis of rich experience accumulated over the past 15 years in sharing economic difficulties with enterprises.

• Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center
906-5 Lui-dong, yeongtong-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31)259-6119
E-mail: Here

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