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September 27, 2012


•Size of pad with pillow : 55 x 135 cm
•Size of Blanket : 85 x 100 cm
•Size of Pillow : 50 * 30
•Error : +-5cm

•Blanket , Pillow , Pad

•Outer Cover : 100% Cotton
•Filling : 100% Polyster

Children under five years old take a nap every day. This “Nap Blanket” is not only convenient to use but also portable as it includes a blanket, pillow and a pad in one baby And can be folded as a bag itself.

For easy wash and dry , the inner pillow part and inner pad has been designed to be Separated from the main body by simply opening the zipper so that it can be easily washed and dried. As the size of blanket is larger than the size of pad, it is convenient for Babies with rough sleeping habits.

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