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November 2, 2012

We all are quite familiar with green houses. They are artificial structures made of plastic or glass roof and walls. By controlling and optimizing environmental conditions, farmers can grow target plants well. In order to effectively manipulate the inner temperature, they need to either cover or uncover in part or the whole house. With green curtains, the task might come easy. These green curtains have many names, and usually consist of fabric or plastic film panels that are moveable mainly for heat retention or cooling effect. And Korea’s YUK-IL Agrow Spun Curtain knows exactly what farmers are looking for.

Placing quality and customers above everything, YUK-IL Agrow Spun Curtain began manufacturing green house curtains and its relevant items since 1991, which it expected would help farmers generate more profits and become more competitive. The green curtain maker believes that using a variety of the curtain attachments in a proper way can result in producing quality plants. Also by developing new products, the firm is preparing to enter the international market.




Among its non-woven material products YI series, YI-300~YI-1200 are thermoplastic textiles and use polyester 300D/96 thread. This material can be used with inflammability on synthetic filament thread, which also means it is excellent in warmth, hygroscopic property, and durability. YI-WBW is also thermoplastic textile and uses polyestar 150D/48 thread which can be weaved three-layered with wept 195 and warp 67 density. Meanwhile YI-B5600 uses polyestar 150D/48 thread and with wept 195 and warp 67 density. YI-AL/600 has two-layered aluminum and polyester; its upper part show better durability, and its bottom part is made of polyester 300/600. YI-EW/600 is with transparent polyester and 3000/D96F polyester. For more information, you can go to

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