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January 9, 2013

Caresol Shampoo - Sol-BiotecToday’s consumers are smart, and companies know it. In order to compete, they need to be smarter; being smart at consumer markets means giving what they want. So they need to outsmart them by studying transient market trends. The latest one has something to do with being eco-friendly and organic. Such products truly flood the market, and we see all organic food items on a shelf. Korea’s SOL BIO-TEC is putting out their smart bio- items on it.

Established in 2009, SOL BIO-TECH, a bio material provider, has successfully applied their human-friendly materials to the food and cosmetic industry. The adaptation result is remarkably noticeable under the brand name “Solmeet,” bio-food and cosmetic lineup. SOL BIO-TEC’s functional bio products are toothpastes, toothbrushes, soaps, atopy-creams, shampoos, etc., and these products are constantly being sought after by overseas buyers from China, Japan, and more.

Effective for atopy problems , SOL BIO-TECH’s Caresol Hair & Bath generates soft bubbles that can cleanse by extracting dust and pollutants from your hair and skin. It also is excellent at keeping the skin moisturized and prevents oxidation. The main ingredients are Betaine and vitamin-B3. Caresol is for your healthy and beautiful skin. Hanaro is the company’s pearl-coated and portable tooth brush with musical timer for brushing, self-sterilization, replaceable toothbrush hair (general, soft, strong hair, and so on).


Solmeet Toothpaste - Sol-BiotecSOL BIO-TECH offers solmeet toothpaste products for your dental health. Approved by USA FDA OTA DRUG, its resin (pine resin)-based toothpaste fight bacilli multiplication, toxins, teethridge diseases, etc. Its whitening effect is exceptional with solmeet powder. You can find more information at

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