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January 23, 2013

SUN TOUCH 5 PHOTOCHROMIC LENS -COVISFor those who have a problem with eyesight, eyeglasses could be the best and easy solution will be for visual correction. However, some people prefer using “Contact lenses,” which are, simply put, lenses that directly contact eyes to increase visibility. They are not only used for medical use but also as a cosmetic item. You certainly have seen various color lenses that people are wearing. COVIS, a Korean contact lens maker, has been standardizing contact lenses for medical and aesthetic purpose.


Began in 1995, COVIS’s consistency has been examplanary with its introduction of a number of products: color-changing lens, impact-free lens(high-refractory power), and Sun-Touch 5 was unveiled in 2000, showing excellent anti-discoloration. Covering business fields such as Hard/Multi Coating, General Plastic Lens, and Discoloring Lens, the firm’s export reached 3 Million US dollar based on technological edge and certified quality(ISO 9001 & 14001, KGMP).

COVIS’s Sun-Touch made from epoxy has its excellent coating layer and improved hardness. In particular, its hydrophobic & platinum coat is effective against scratches and heat. The other features are its over 98% transmission rate, being water repellent, preventing harmful rays, etc. Sun-Touch Plus has the highest transmittance value and the fastest reaction time for darkening function.

COVIS Magic 2 Color Photo lens with two distinctive colors (green/violet) may be your must-have item. When it receives the sunshine, light green color quickly turns into dark blue while violet into sky blue. You can come up with the most exotic eye colors that no one dares compete. For more information, you can find at

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