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March 19, 2013

[INQ. NO. 1303C17] Venygood ( has designed a multi-piece structure pillow that keeps the correct C-curve of the cervical spine.

Consisting of 7 pieces, the Venygood pillow with solid bearing power supports the cervical spine stably, and it does not deform the shape during sleep, unlike the traditional pillows whose weak bearing power deforms the cervical spine, resulting in turtle neck or herniated cervical disc. In addition, the Venygood pillow shape is made identical for the C-curve of the cervical spine. There is no space that is formed between the floor and the body when you lie down. The C-curve design distributes the weight equally, preventing tensions and muscle pains around the neck and shoulder.

In particular, the pillow’s neck support part is designed in an arch shape with five pieces as triangular prism which solidly and stably supports the neck and head. Furthermore, the cervical spine is not deformed and maintains the correct spinal line even when you lie down so that the cervical spine is protected and corrected.

For optimal comfort for users, the fillers can be adjusted for each unit bag to adjust the height and length, and change the shape in line with the body shape. The pillow chips do not lean to any side and the pillow is not deformed by body weight. The fillers can be replaced for each of the seven inner bags.


201303C_23The pillow uses cool material as bag fillers in line with the principle of ‘cool head, warm feet.’ The inner bag fillers are made of polypropylene which is harmless to human body approved by FDA and KFDA. They are cool due to low thermal conductivity and have high speed drying and antibacterial properties.

Considering different physical sizes of users, Venygood pillow supplies customized sizes following various lengths and heights so that users can choose the right pillow for their own shape.


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