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March 19, 2013


[INQ. NO. 1303C03] ArtHouse Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and providing wooden magnet block toy “MYZOO” Classic is an educational wooden toy that transforms into various types of animals.

Made by using 10 different types of hardwood, MYZOO helps kids in developing creativity, modeling skill, emotional quotient (E.Q), and intelligence quotient (I.Q) while they play with the magnet wooden transforming toys by putting the wood block pieces together. Children can create their own animals by mixing and matching the different pieces.


Following successful launch of the MYZOO Classic, ArtHouse has released animal transforming toy set “Dino Series,” which features the newly developed joint rotating gear in 2012, and won a Good Design award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.


201303C_19The award-winning educational toy which enhances design creativity of the children in the era that having creativity means having a competitive edge, and children can make their own dinosaur world by assembling or disassembling of the blocks as they think and desire.

DINO Series are human intellect development modular wooden toys that applied eco-friendly paints on natural hardwood to provide color sense of the character, and they are transformed into many dinosaurs or animals like Tyrannosaur, Brachiosaur, Triceratops, etc. combining modular pieces such as head, neck, torso, legs, horn, tail, etc. through special coupling method.



ArtHouse’s creative characters made by the combination of conventional exclusivity of hardwood toys and infinite potential of blocks that utilized patented joint system provide endless chances of imagination for the children. All the products are carefully made so that they can ensure maximum safety for children. The eco-friendly paints are applied to the quality hardwood for children’s health and safety.



• ArtHouse Co., Ltd.
Suit 213, DMC Hi-Tech Industry Center, 1580 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: (82-2)335-3939
Fax: (82-2)335-5657
E-mail: arthouse@eqb.co.kr
If you want to visit the website of ArtHouse Co., Ltd. myzoo.kr/english

If you want more information about ‘MYZOO’, please contact us.
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