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March 20, 2013

201303C_26[INQ. NO. 1303C19] Anyone knows that getting rid of stress is one of the best ways to avoid your physical illnesses and is directly associated with quality of life. However, it is not easy for people to have quality time and to relax themselves in a bustling lifestyle.

Launched by a Korea-based concentration and relaxation device maker GEOMC (, MC Square X7 uses Neuroscience technology that helps improve concentration and reduce stress, fatigue through the rhythm of light and sound in an office or a classroom. Six sounds (forest, surf, creek, rain, dolphin and white noise sounds) are provided.

MC Square X7 is also effective for inducing a sound sleep and improving memory span by promoting alpha wave and theta wave in the brain. The slim, compact device just weighs 100g. It features LED soft touch-pad that -pad makes it easier to control with just one finger tap as well as user-friendly UI and chromium-plated stylish exterior design.


So far, about 1.2 million units of MC Square have been sold in Korea and the gadget has been independently tested for 13 years by leading universities and medical centers in Korea, USA, Japan and China. In particular, scientific study on concentration/attention enhancement of MC Square was conducted by a world renowned hospital for neuroscience, Thomas Jefferson Medical School in the US, and confirmed that the effects of X7 that concentration and attention is enhanced and stress and anxiety is reduced.

This announcement was aired through numerous media such as NBC, ABC and 30 other broadcasting companies.

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