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March 20, 2013


[INQ. NO. 1303C20] These days, a lot of people suffer from sleeping disorders, which can affect ones’ life in many ways.

CozaCare, a specialized company for sleeping aid devices, has developed and launched a sound sleep-inducing headband, which is patent pending.
This sleep-inducing headband is based on the scientific findings that insomnia is caused by too much active working of the frontal lobe. With non-toxic refrigerant called “HM Plus” developed by CozaCare researchers, the headband controls this activity and induces deep sleep without use of chemical material.

According to the Korean company, wearing the headband keep the head temperature cooler until a person get into a deep sleep, suppressing delivery of the enzyme which disturbs sound sleep.


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[ Product Specification ],
– Exterior: Reduce stimulation by applying anti-fog substance (fusion welding resin)
– HM Plus: Non-toxic refrigerant developed by CozaCare


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