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March 25, 2013

6_주식회사 푸르네존_20121224By capitalizing on today’s technology, people’s quality of life has improved a lot. Smart phones are good examples ; they changed how we communicate and live.

Following this trend, Korea’s Frune Zone Corporation Research & Development Center wants to be a difference maker when it comes to enriching our life for the better.

Built in 2001, Frune Zone is a Korea’s electrical device maker and has successfully introduced a number of creative everyday items for general consumers. Products like trash compressors, multifunctional fire extinguishers, and portable tooth brushes are being distributed to achieve the company’s ultimate goal : making people’s life rich and affluent. With a slew of awards and international quality certificates such as ISO, CE, and FCC, Frune Zone earns trust and recognition both at home and abroad.

For those who are looking for a promotional product or a souvenir, Frune Zone’s fountain pen-type tooth brush is the best thing to buy. This anti-biotic brush specifically designed for convenience and portability comes with a refillable toothpaste and a sanitary cap (used as a water cup). As to automatic garbage compressors, the firm offers devices with a limit switch for product protection and safety. They are easy to use and takes less space. Moreover, powerful compression force makes them highly cost-effective.
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