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April 1, 2013


[INQ. NO. 1303C14] Tamtus Co., Ltd. is an information and technology system specialist that is engaged in designing, constructing and consulting on digitalized computer and language labs, multimedia classrooms and lecture theatres and elearning system. Tamtus also develops and manufactures optical products
including digital visual presenter, card reader and mobile book light.

The company’s Magic View and Magic VT were selected for Award of the President of KIDP from 2012 Good Design Awards.

The Magic View is an easy-to-use advanced real presenter that lets you capture documents and objects at a touch of a button for display on a PC monitor for audio-visual training and conference room. This little device packs down flat in seconds and takes up almost no space.

The design award-winning digital device features change in matte and glossy black in color, making it look smaller than its real volume, while the streamlined
body that is free from button delivers a comfortable and stylish feeling.

Tamtus’ designer paid close attention to every part of the device to improve productivity and usability. The body’s joints are designed to be easier to tighten.
The head can be folded inside to prevent lens from being damaged, and the angle can be adjusted freely, making it ideal for use in a variety of working environments.


201303C_46For slimmer body, users can fold lens, so as to make it easy to carry and store.

In addition, a 5-megapixel camera attached to the head displays high-resolution
real-time video images. The LEDs are arranged in a circle around the lens to provide a clear display and A3-sized objects can be shown up in full screen.

Other than the detachable USB cable does not require a separate power source.
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