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April 10, 2013

st[INQ. NO. 1304C02] As an essential nutrient, salt contains minerals that are beneficial to the health. As the basic table seasoning has frequently been linked with health risks on par with cholesterol and trans fats, demand for “healthier” salt is growing worldwide.
Soltree, Inc. targets the growing market and provides natural premium salt which contains no additives and is not hemically processed, while it retains all of its naturally occurring, beneficial minerals. The company’s solar sea salt Soltree Series is produced in one of the cleanest mudflats of the world’s five wetlands. The company’s salt pans are located on an island off the southwestern coast of the Korean Peninsula.
Once it is hand-harvested, the mudflat sea salt is stored in 100% natural circumstances for 1,000 days to generate the salt’s unique taste and to remove bitterness as much as possible. Therefore, Soltree Series is suitable for cooking because it has a less bitter and salty taste, and has higher content of mineral than traditionally processed salt. After going through the aging process for 1,000 days, the salt is ground and categorized into three different sizes and packed in glass jars for sale – Soltree Light, Fine and Original.




The Soltree Light comes in a glass bottle (95g) and refillable pouch (150g). The 100% Mudflat natural sea salt features fine grain size, suitable for a final touch on all recipes or useful as table salt, which is handy also for outdoor cooking. Soltree Light container is designed to be ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.
The manufacturer has designed the lid so that the user can adjust the amounts of salt for their recipes. One dot on the lid means “close,” two means “small amount,” and three means “a little more amount.”
The Soltree Fine which features medium grain size is available in glass jar (275g) and refillable pouch (365g). The Soltree Original is available in glass jar (275g) and refillable pouch (365g). It features coarse texture and is suitable for all recipes. In addition, the containers of the Soltree Original and Fine are designed for convenient use,being equipped with a salt spoon and a large lid. Consumer will find the salt spoon in the middle of the lid which is detachable. And the spoon is equipped with a magnet that allows convenient storage.





• Soltree, Inc.
572-5, Sangtaedong-ri, Sinan-gun,
Sinui-myeon, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-2)542-7258
Fax: (82-2)6499-2587
E-mail: overseas-sales@soltree.com
If you want to visit the website of Soltree, Inc. /soltree.com

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