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April 30, 2013

수정본 1Just like every Jack has his Jill, everyone has a company. Even misery loves one. This time, everything has a company, and it all makes sense if one single product on the spot is a computer mouse : something that we frequently use on a daily basis. And its good partner is a mouse pad.
Together, they help people properly use personal computers. Since moving a cursor on the screen is necessary, they use a mouse a lot. Of course, without a pad, it can function. However, for those who need pinpoint precision for work, the pad comes useful.
Interestingly, in companionship, they share the same misery; hundreds or thousands of bad bacteria are thriving on them, posing several health risks for people. Considering that people sometimes eat while using their very hands, we all need to be aware of it. Thus, some manufacturers have come up with an idea. One of them, countering this threat, has an answer.
Currently, Fellowes and a few other brands are dominant at the market with various mouse-friendly products. Among them, Fellowes’ Microbian Anti-Bacterial could be a good choice. Yet, if you bargain and look for more, you may find an excellent one. There, you are. Actto’s Anti-Microbial pad is equally functional but more economical.

Triple-proven by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, AEGIS, and Greenchem, Actto’s Anti-Microbial pad is meant to permanently keep bad smells and bacteria away. It has a special anti-bacterial coating that will never be compromised. Against bacteria-led abrasion, odors, and specks, Actto’s Anti-Microbial works like a charm. In particular, either a laser or generic optical mouse can hang out on it. Its anti-slipping backside helps users correctly place a mouse.

수정본 2Actto also introduces many unique mouse pads, and one of them is a wrist-protection pad that features memory-foam and Poly Jersey surface.
Over 2 decades in the business, Actto has been actively keeping with the rapidly-changing market by focusing on customer demand and innovative IT products. Two elements have been critical: adventurous ideas and outstanding designs. Actto has set its path to make products that improve people’s quality of life.

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