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April 30, 2013


In Korea, Yellow Dust is a thing of the past with 3M Nexcare’s masks
It is that time of year again: old out and new in. Winter goes and spring comes. The newcomer is not alone but has a company: Yellow Dust. This seasonal change or phenomenon according to scientists loves coming back to Korea ; intense storms from China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan sweep away all types of particles and spray them around the peninsula. Unfortunately, they are toxic, and people may fall victim to them. Certainly, public health is in danger.
People are concerned. They need to be and very much this time due to micro dust. This micro-size particle is something that our body cannot filter out, and may cause respiratory diseases.
When Yellow Dust breaks, many news channels frantically go about advising that children, old people, and those who suffer from respiratory diseases must minimize or avoid outdoor activities. Yet, not many people afford following it. They have jobs to take care of. People still need to maintain and function even by wearing a protection mask.

3m_nexcare_image_다나와Various types of masks are available. In fact, it is hard to find right ones. There is not enough information ; people want to know how effective each of them is and they can protect us from harmful particles in the air, even micro dust. When in doubt, we tend to look for any company that sounds familiar. How about 3M and its purposeful masks ?
Nexcare is 3M’s brand. Its masks are made specifically for Yellow Dust. By applying 3M’s filtering technology and special filters, they are effectively blocking what conventional cotton masks easily let go of: micro dust. This unique method works when static electricity ( over 25,000 volts) well invites and filters out dust particles and helps you inhale the filtered air with comfort. The special filters comprised of multiple fiber layers never let micro dust easily get away. 3M Nexcare masks’ nose support prevents fog for eyeglass wearers, and also helps your face fit. KFDA(Korea Food & Drug Administration) guarantees its quality.
nexcare02_gmarketBegan in 1902, 3M is a science-driven firm that produces thousands of innovative products for many different industries. 3M’s ultimate goal is to improve how people live with beneficial and useful items. Its global sales reach up to $30 billion (2012).

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