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May 13, 2013



[INQ. NO. 1305C27] Founded in 1969, Ottogi introduced the first instant curry in Korea has distributed diverse foods such as curry, kecap, mayonnaise, soup, pure vegetable margarine, retort, etc. as one of leading food companies in South Korea.

‘3 minutes food’ is an instant brand of Ottogi. It has been a long-lasting brand from 1981 to presence for 30 years as an instant food. 3 minutes are enough to boil and enjoy the various instant foods.

‘3 minutes food’ has been gained popularity constantly as a completed food which can be enjoyed at home as it has been recognized as a reasonable priced enjoyable food which stimulates nostalgia as the top preferred food by university students and single residents without complicated cooking course with various materials such as curry with various stuffs in it, Jjajang, Hi-rice, Rice, etc.

The premium ‘3 minutes 100 years curry’ harmonized with healthy ingredients to the pre-existing curry to meet the modern people’s consumption pattern also provides convenience which is preferred by modern consumers.

From ‘3 minutes curry’ in 1981, ‘3 minutes Jjajang’, ‘3 minutes hamburg’, ‘3 minutes meat ball’, etc. were released into the market in a row. Entering into 2000s, responding to modern consumers’ consumption pattern, ‘crude curry’ and ‘crude Jjajang’ which are simple to be poured to eat on rice without boiling in the hot water and using micro wave, it attracts eyes and tastes of modern people.

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