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July 2, 2013


[INQ. NO. 1306C13] With 29 years of experience, Kovea ( specializes in portable butane gas appliances for outdoor use such as mounting climbing, fishing and picnic.

14The company manufactures and exports more than 60 models of portable gas stoves, lamps, torches and more on a basis of research development and technical engineering of high performance outdoor equipment. To ensure quality in the production process, this Korean manufacturer implements a strict quality management system. All of the items that it manufactures bear CE and KGSC marks and are backed by one-year warranties.

Kovea provides gas stoves that meet the customer needs in terms of portability and efficiency. Particularly, KB-1006 (camp5) can boil a liter of water in less than three minutes and 30 seconds in windy conditions. For highefficiency, the flame is concentrated into the center of the unit. Pot supporter and legs are designed to move simultaneously and comfortably. With a compact size – the dimension is 58 x 58 x 127 mm and weight is 156g (stove only), it is easy for storage and packing. A separated igniter is included. The fuel is screw type butane gas (110g, 230g). | Blog Magazine of Korean Products, brands, and goods


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