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July 12, 2013

inquiry_2Geo Medical Co., Ltd. specializes in bio-engineering research and manufacturing of contact lenses. Geo Medical has steadily built up quality control based productive facilities and adopted new technologies, expanding customer base. By supplying innovative and top-quality contact lenses along with outstanding service, Geo Medical has been getting a good reputation in this field.

Magic Color Lens : Geo’s Magic color soft contact lens provides a variety of design patterns and colors to meet the needs of global customers from both of western and oriental. These lenses will present you wonderful, mysterious and attractive eyes of which you can be proud.

RX Lens : This lens will give you the greatest ease out of all types. You can wear these lenses for up to one month with a proper care and be more economical over the long term, in addition, have a pleasant experience of wearing contacts and enjoy a clear vision without worrying about contact lens complications like red or dry eyes. If your lifestyle requires you to wear contact lenses constantly for a long time, these lenses may be the most appropriate.

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