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July 12, 2013

35Bioneer Corporation is Korea’s leading biotech company. Since 1992 when Bioneer was established as the first Korean biotechnology company, it has developed state-of-the-art molecular biology products and technologies including oligonucleotides, thermostable polymerases, and instruments of gene manipulation (automatic nucleic acid extractor, thermal cycler, real-time QPCR instruments and DNA sequencer).


From its inception, Bioneer has invested in the integration of recombinant DNA technology, fermentation, biochemistry and nucleic acid chemistry in addition to mechanics, photonics and electronics. The company is positioned to fully-integrate its capability to develop next generation technologies in the post-genome era through the invention of new biochemistry and instruments. Bioneer now runs two production and research facilities in Korea which are a total of 226,000 square feet. Equipped with proprietary 384 synthesizers, these facilities contain a full production line for oligonucleotide and siRNA synthesis. In addition to DNA manufacturing, Bioneer processes recombinant proteins which are fermented and purified on proprietary purification systems.

ExiStation™ Accelerated Molecular Diagnostics Solution is an innovative semi-automated real-time QPCR based molecular diagnostic system, consisting of three ExiPrep™ 16 Dx nucleic acid extraction instruments and one Exicycler™ 96 real-time quantitative thermal cycler. ExiStation™ is a flexible system able to handle various types of clinical samples simultaneously, and a pipetting-free system that dispense the extracted nucleic acids into diagnostic kits automatically, increasing convenience, practicality and reproducibility. The entire process is controlled from sample preparation to data analysis with user-friendly software from a central computer system.



• Bioneer Corporation
49-3, Munpyeong-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Tel: (82-42)930-8797 Fax: (82-42)930-8688
E-mail: david@bioneer.com
Website: eng.bioneer.com

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