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July 12, 2013

[INQ. NO. 1306C20] Hyejeong Farm is engaged in cultivating and growing medical herbs, generally called Useongcho (Houttuynia Cordata Thunb) and Sambekcho (Saururus Chinensis) without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other harmful chemicals in its farm of 20,000pyeong (about 33,000 square meters).

The recent research data show that Useongcho (Houttuynia Cordata Thunb) helps improve body metabolism by making the blood clean and promoting the kidney’s various functions as the plant contains such biological active compounds as Decanoilacetadehyde, Quercitrin and Kallum in its leaves, stems and roots. Besides, the plant has anti-bacteria, antiinflammation, anticancer and anti-oxidation abilities, helping remove toxicity in the body.

In the meanwhile, Sambekcho (SaururusChinensis) is a Korean native herb that is known to have medicinal efficacy for preventing cardiac disorders such as various heart diseases, hypertension and forms of heart attacks, cleansing the blood and the blood vessel walls.

Plus, it can help to strengthen the kidney’s functions because it discharges unnecessary waste matters and water from our body and is well known to cure kidney inflammation.

Using these organically grown plants and other strictly selected medical herbs, Hyejeong Farm manufactures a range of healthy foods such as liquefied extract, tea and pills as well as red pepper paste, soybean paste and vegetable pickle so that people can easily enjoy lots of health benefits of Useongcho and Sambekcho.

Hyejeong Farm has also acquired quality management system standard ISO9001 ISO14001 certifications, US FDA approval and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) approval as well as organic standard certified by Organic Agricultural Product Quality Management Service in Korea.

38Organic Useongcho (Houttuynia Cordata Thunb) Power Gold This is a liquefied extract product made with naturally harmonious and beneficial products for our body, elaborately boiled in a concentrator for more than 20 hours and packed, with being added with Sambekcho, Useongcho and Gasiogapi (Acanthopanax) and Hukke trees in the proper ratio As these medical herbs are grown by an environmentally-friendly organic method so that you can enjoy the efficacy of their various medicinal herbs.

39Organic Useongcho (Houttuynia Cordata Thunb) Extract Useongcho grown by an environmentally-friendly organic growing method in Ungchi-myeon of Bosung, South Jeolla province, one of the cleanest and most uncontaminated areas in the country, is carefully selected and cleansed. The extracted, undiluted liquids adding oligosaccharide are ripened at the farm’s maturing room for over one year. You can fully enjoy the efficacy of Decanoilacelaidehyde and Quercitrin, the main ingredients of Useongcho.


Organic Gasiogapi (Acanthopanax) Extract It is made by fermenting and maturing carefully selected Gasiogapi that is organically grown and added with oligosaccharide. Gasiogapi belongs to Dureup, Japanese angelica trees, like wild ginseng and farmed ginseng. It has not only anti-cancer effects, but also the function of enhancing the immune system. It is also very good for nervous breakdown, coronary sclerosis and articular rheumatism.


Korean Ginseng Chicken Stew (Samgyetang) Hyejeong Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Stew) was cooked by using Useongcho, Sambekcho, Gasiogapi (Acanthopanax), Hukke trees, Kalopanax and Birch, along with Korean fresh chickens (not frozen). No preservatives, coloring and flavor enhancer are included.

• Hyejeong Farm
607-8, Bongsan-ri, Ungchi-myeon, Boseong-gun,
Jeollanam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-61)853-3139
Fax: (82-61)853-3109


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