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July 12, 2013

43[INQ. NO. 1306C17] Steam emulsification is a process of using high temperature steam to help oil and water mix safely and completely, creating a creampuff like texture and making it easy to apply to the skin. The result is a high-end moisture and supplement care for the skin. Seatree steam cream, the only patented steam cream in Korea, can be used yearround and applied on the entire body.

44Steam Moist Cream
Maple water, with 40 times more minerals than refined water, is used as the base to satisfy the skin’s thirst.
Moisturizing ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, rice oil and hyaluronic acid are used to infuse the skin with moisture. Niacinamide makes the skin clear while adensine promotes the collagen to increase suppleness.

45Steam Hand Cream
The high-quality moisturizing hand cream made from maple water and hyaluronic acid to protect and soften rough hands.
Lip Balm
The lip balm offers nutrients and a protective coating to your lips to make them glossy and healthy. The balm comes in five flavors such as lavender, mint, cherry, orange and berry.

47Whipped Body Butter
With the softness of whipped cream, it is made from over 98% of USDA approved organic ingredients. It smoothly melts into your skin upon contact to provide moisture care.

49Steam Amazon Murumuru Soothing Gel
A gel-type cream made from the seed butter of the murumuru tree to balance the skin’s moisture and oil and give nutrients to tired skin.
48Seatree seeks to combine the pleasures of the skin and the aesthetics of the eye through a collaborative effort with renown artists from Korea and around the world. Artists will exhibit their works and their works will be applied to Seatree’s cosmetic containers. Sold as special, limited editions, theses artists’ works will grace the containers for a limited time and number. Works from a variety of artists will be selected in order to satisfy the varied tastes of Seatree customers. Starting with Australia’s naturalist artist, Cate Edwards, the Seatree Art collection features many artists for your pleasures.



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