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July 26, 2013

201306W_Coanix adhesive tape is everywhere. Among its countless uses, the most noticeable one is for smartphones. Mainly for anti-scratch and protection, we stick special films to the display of this indispensable gadget.

It will not be long before the tape loses its adhesiveness and gets peeled off. Yet, with Samsung Coanix’s protective, this worry is well past behind us.

For LCD displays, the film specialist introduces transparent protective films with high viscosity, durability, and heat-resistance.

By mixing up acryl and silicon adhesives, the company introduces double-sided tapes for LCD display elements and the other liquid display panels.

Meant for diverse industrial purposes, shock-buffering- felt viscosity tapes are available. For the printing industry, Samsung Coanix offers coating products and labels.

As the market demands change and vary, the company focuses on producing a number of different adhesive tapes (film type, paper type, fiber type, holograms, etc) and release films (polyester and paper types).

Based on experiences and technologies, Samsung Coanix since 1981 has made breakthroughs in terms of quality and production: ISO quality management system, the topnotch manufacturing settings, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean products, brands and Goods

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