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July 26, 2013

201306W_SAMIL is fun. For example, people color their hair or clothes for fashion. In particular, fabric dyeing has been practiced for a long time, as various colored clothes are pleasing to look and wear. But dyeing fabrics need a few difficult processes and chemicals in order to prevent discoloration. SAMIL, a Korean dyeing machine maker, makes it easier.

SAMIL’s Jet Flow Dyeing Machine is its flagship item. This system always comes up with high-quality dyeing materials, thanks to its optimized structure consisted of jet nozzles, winch reels, and etc. It also is automatic and cost effective as a result of low liquid ratio.

Different machine types are available, and this well responds to ever-changing fashion trend. For example, SAMIL offers special dyeing machines like Garment Dyeing Machine which enables vintage and fadeout effect on fibers.

For nearly 3 decades, SAMIL INDUSTRIAL has successfully working on introducing dyeing and finishing machines despite many daunting challenges in the industry. The manufacturer has introduced environmentally-friendly machines and gained a series of international quality certificates. | Blog Magazine of korean products, brands and Goods

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