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July 26, 2013

http://korean-products.com/inquiryBefore a transparent display, fingers, or rather two arms, are frantically moving up and down, left and right. This could be a classroom scene in near future. Students are more responsive and eager to learn with excitement.

It seems that now we are in the middle of a wild and rapid transformational ride toward it. In Korea, B&S Media is leading the trend.

B&S Media is developing ways to benefit both teachers and students by introducing innovative solutions. This integrated smart learning system help both parties interact closely by taking advantage of the latest technologies.

Simply, you can image a futuristic and revolutionary class room where B&S’s e-STATION S Podium controls students with various functions. For example, from the digital podium, broadcasting information via LAN, intranet, or the Internet comes handy, and students can be actively engaged in the class by plugging in additional devices or changing available options.

Also while using numerous hardware features like interactive displays, Pen-Tool, and tablet monitors and such software as e-Station and Active Cube, people can extensively enhance learning or lecturing experiences.

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