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July 26, 2013

201306W_Kongsung, pipe threading is necessary when you need to work on repairing or building a house. In old days, its procedure was no easy task. Now, people can get it done rather easily even with accuracy at home. Korea Kongsung introduces them a new world with the most up-to-date pipe threading machines.

Kongsung precision, as a leader in the pipe-related industry, has been greatly contributing to localizing the market since its beginning in the 1970s; the company is known for the Korea’s first automatic pipe screw cutter. Besides two different pipe machines( K and R type ), Kongsung offers a wide range of tools such as PVC Welding Machine, Gold SK dies, Drain Cleaner, Core Drill, etc.

80A3 R-KSU N is Kongsung’s heavy duty pipe threading machine that achieves accuracy and safety. This light-weighted model improves working efficiency with easy transport and its large oil tank. 50A R-KSU N’s small design and ensuing mobility is suitable for small to big volume workshop use. Also, its high-speed threading can get the job done fast. | Blog Magazine of korean products, brands and Goods

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