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July 26, 2013

201306W_Lucky with your car? If it is not about performance but look, you may get lucky here. Go and hook up with Lucky’s Easyskin. Once your car goes colorful, you will not stop. It will bring a whole new experience to your perspective.

Easyskin is simply a color rubber spray. Just pick up your favorite color and spray it. By skinning your car, it truly feels new, you never think twice about buying a new one.

And it is fast and easy as anyone can work on it. In case you want it gone, just lift the coating. Many different colors are available. Easyskin is also applicable to bikes, furniture, tools, etc.

K-TOP is Lucky Industry’s aerosol spray paint mainly for painting things. This liquid type paint can cover about 3 square meters, offer over 100 colors, and show excellent adhesiveness.

Since 2000, Lucky Industry, as an leading aerosol product maker in Korea, has dedicated to offer freshness and abundance in people’s life. | Blog Magazine of korean products, brands and Goods

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