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July 29, 2013

201306W_Suh Ryung Machinery

http://korean-products.com/inquiryA jack can lift things up easily, especially, heavy loads. This mechanical device is indispensable for a car mechanic who has to inspect the beneath. A few different types of jacks are out there. The most powerful one may come from Korea’s Suh Ryung Machinery.

Starting with hydraulic bottle jacks, Suh Ryung was launched in 1977. Until now, the jack maker has successfully earned quality certificates and various worthy titles like INNO-BIZ. Also it enlists a series of big car manufacturers as clients : Hyundai, TATA Daewoo, Kia Motors, Stanley, etc.

201306W_Suh Ryung Machinery1

With “safety” in mind, Suh Ryung proudly introduces portable car jacks. Already global automobile makers are showing their interests. The jack’s piston and ram are suitable for small commercial trucks or vans. Toe jack has two types : 5 ton and 20 ton. It can flawlessly lift up unbalanced heavy loads, and their durable inner cylinder is structured to fight corrosiveness. Toe jack is for civil engineering, ship building, bridge construction, etc.

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