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July 30, 2013

201307C_Vacuum Washing Cleaner[INQ. NO. 1307C01] Released by Chung Lim Aqua (, the patented vacuum washing cleaner, “Aqua,” allows a user to vacuum and wipe the floor simultaneously.

This vacuum cleaner that can remove the microscopic dust and germs as well as larger dusts and debris by also washing the floor has been gaining growing popularity among Korean consumers.

The Aqua is based on two technologies – hydro-filtering and brushing technologies for washing-vacuum cleaners. With the hydro-filtering technology, the cleaner can absorb dust and polluted air, and then filter it with water, thus preventing the pollutants and dusts from escaping from the equipment during operation.

The Aqua cleaner lets users easily wash places that are hard to clean with standard vacuum cleaners, such as the inside of the narrow storage section of a refrigerator or window ledge. One just needs to pour water into the narrow space, and absorb the dirty water with the vacuumcleaner.

One can also vacuum and wipe the floor to remove the dusts and germs on the floor of a bathroom and a veranda with Aqua cleaner. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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